The Failure of Conservatism

Conservatism has failed us. That is no longer oblivious in the age of Donald Trump. People have risen up and rejected the Conservative establishment which have historically channeled the opposition to the Left. Conservatism like Liberalism has changed and evolved heavily over the past few decades. Conservatism has also come in many shapes and forms. […]

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The Brexit Betrayal

June the 23rd, 2016 was always seen as a moment where the people were supposed to cast off their chains and free themselves from the European Union. Unfortunately that statement does not bear much resemblance today. For over a year and several months, Theresa May and her parliamentary cronies have failed in every respect to […]

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Bannon Gone!

Bannon is gone! Bannon is gone and the media are going crazy. They are in a mix of joy and of continued frustration and inability to comprehend the President. This a media which has been so wrong and biased from the beggining and yet they still can’t seem to understand Trump. With Bannon gone, a […]

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Why the Alt-Right isn’t right

Despite sharing some common ground with Alt-Right on certain issues. I find the Alt-Right to be no real solution to the current state of affairs in western civilisation. The Alt-Right and other identity driven groups such as BLM form a yin yang relationship. Both claim that their respective races have been wronged and that they […]

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Why they fear us

The events that went down in Charlottesville, Virginia are disturbing to say the least. The amount of violence and the inability to have a proper discussion or debate on issues simply astounds me. The very fact that a group of people who went to protest against the removal of a Robert E Lee statue were […]

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The Truth about Healthcare

Healthcare is an issue which has been at the forefront of American politics for the last few months. Trump has called for a full repeal and replace of Obamacare but after two tries the GOP has totally failed to get all members on board with their new health care proposals. The question remains is how […]

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USA Canadian systems merger

New York 1980 Election 50 Liberal Party – Andrew Hartman 38  Progressive Conservative Party – Henry Vick 12  Alaska 1980 Election 50 Progressive Conservative Party – Albert Brighton 37 NDP – Jack Crawford 10 Alaska Liberal – Ken Swanson 3  Minnesota 1980 Election 50  NDP – Hubert Humphrey 22  PC Minnesota – Taylor Johnson 19  MN […]

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